Hot Summer Nights

Furry Boat Party

Estrel Berlin — 27 July 2021


No boating this year!

Due to the ongoing pandemic we sadly have to cancel All Paws on Deck!. We are working hard to be back in 2022 with awesome boat parties in Berlin during Eurofurence 26. The moment we have more information regarding dates and prices we will update our website and share it on our Twitter and Telegram. Stay safe, healthy and keep on vibing from home!

1 Boat, 2 Parties

To be able to accommodate the lot of you comfortably, we have had to extend our program. Let’s set sail to the unknown! On the 27th of July, we will go on 2 adventures with our own White Pearl. At 13:00 CET we will explore the city of Berlin in search of coin and gold.

Later that day we will depart from the Estrel at 19:30 CET for an evening party cruise on the wild seas! Our wish is to give as many of you a chance to join our trip. Therefore attendees may only register for one of the two parties, this is due to high demand.


Our vessel of choice, the Mark Brandenburg is the biggest ship of the Stern und Kreis Company. With 2 bars, 2 outdoor areas, a fursuit lounge and plenty of space to chill, dance and suit our flagship is the perfect place to start Eurofurence 26!

Please keep in mind that it is a ship suitable for cities. That means that the ceiling is low (around 2 meters high) and the outdoor decks are not always available due to low bridges.


The afternoon cruise (Party A | 13:00 CET) will depart from and return to Treptower Park. This is to save time getting to the city center. The boarding location at Treptower Park is one S-Bahn station away from the Berlin-Sonnenallee station.

The evening cruise (Party B | 19:30 CET) will depart from and return to the Estrel beergarden pier. Badge pickup for both parties will take place at the hotel prior to boarding.


Want to bring your fursuit? No problem! We will provide a fursuit lounge with all the necessary supplies. Think about fans to cool down, water and enough space to store your bags. We do understand that you maybe don't want to suit during the whole trip, so you are welcome to leave your stuff in the fursuitlounge during the trip. We will do our utmost best to keep it safe and available for everyone. But please keep in mind that it is still on your own risk.


Getting thirsty from all the dancing? We got you covered! Our ship has 2 bars with all kinds of drinks available for you. The bar accepts cash and card payments and is operated by the shipping company.


All profits we make through the VIP upgrades will be donated to the charity of Eurofurence. In 2019, our first party, we managed to raise up to €2400.


Standard Ticket


  • 1 (One) Awesome Badge
  • Full Access to one Party


VIP Upgrade


  • Upgrade your experience
  • A free Welcome Drink
  • Special Gift
  • Priority Boarding
  • Profits go to EF Charity

Upgrade Now


After your registration, you will need to verify your email address. When that is done, just wait and relax. Our team will try to accept all registrations as soon as possible. The payment of your ticket will go through the Eurofurence Reg System. You will get an email about that after being accepted.

The VIP upgrade is our name for the sponsor upgrade. With this upgrade you do not only get special goodies, but you also support the Eurofurence charity! All proceeds from the VIP upgrade go directly to charity.

The upgrade is not limited to a maximum amount and can always be bought later in the user area. Downgrading is not possible but transferring it to someone else is. Just send us an email.

Before you register it is important that you are familiar with our Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions. They explain the rules for keeping it a fun and awesome party.

Want to see who is going to party hard with us? Check out our Attendees List!

If you have any questions or can't wait until the party is starting, then join our Telegram group @summerboat.


In 2019 some friends wanted to do something special for celebrating the 25th edition of Eurofurence and the 5th edition in Berlin, the city that knows how to party! So why not on a boat? Cruising on the beautiful Spree River through Berlin. We wanted a chill atmosphere for partying and suiting up. The double-decker-ship Mark Brandenburg offered us just that. Live DJs would provide great dance vibes and the upper would allow for alluring views. It did! And now we’re back for more!

You can purchase a Normal ticket for €35. We also offer a VIP upgrade for additional €15. Not only will this include a special gift and a special VIP badge, but you also help us to make the party even more awesome!

You need to be at least 18 years old on the day of the party. You will be required to present a legal photo ID or passport at badge pickup time.

Yes! Simply login with your account details, go to 'Edit Details' and tick the box for VIP upgrade in the user area. Fill in your password below and click submit. You will receive an email as a confirmation. Payment of the VIP Upgrade will be required at our Check-in desk when you pick up your badge.

Badge pickup times vary depending on which of the 2 Parties you’re attending. On Tuesday July 27th (afternoon) you can pick up your Summerboat badge at our Check-in counter (near the EF Reg desk). In the evening you will find our Info & Check-in desk in the beergarden near the boat. Please make sure you bring your ID or Passport with you. The badge is your entrance to the party so please do not lose it.
Keep in mind: Badge pickup and Check-in before Boarding!

All profits will go to charity! The more VIP upgrades we sell, the more we’ll be able to donate! Thank you for considering being generous! The total amount of raised funds will be announced and published by the end of Eurofurence 26.

Both parties will host a dancefloor, lounge area and a fursuit lounge. The outside decks provide for a great place to chill, have a drink and mingle with the other guests. Games and events including fursuit limbo, photoshoot, and more will be organized. The best way to stay tuned for announcements and events is via the telegram info channel or our Twitter.

Expect all kinds of music for the perfect night of lounging and chilling. Think: "Beach Club in Berlin". To get you in the mood we are creating a Spotify playlist you can listen to. The playlist is just a small peek into the music styles our DJs play. We will keep you updated on our Twitter. You can find the playlist on Spotify here.

The chance of getting seasick on this boat is very minimal. The Mark Brandenburg ist one of this biggest ships out there and the speed and the size of the boat make it impossible to feel any waves from other boats on the Spree. We do advise to talk with your doctor in case you get seasick very easily. We expect smooth sailing!

We are part of, officially acknowledged and supported by Eurofurence. We want to offer early arrival attendees a party to kick off their convention experience! Ticket payment will be handled by the official Eurofurence registration system. The VIP upgrade needs to be paid at the badge pickup table in cash.





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Help us make this party great!

At this moment we have no open positions, please check later this year if you are still interested in helping us! Thanks for checking out!